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Angry Birds Android Games

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Angry Birds Android Games

Angry Bird game

Angry Birds [by Rovio] is a smash hit on App Store for iPhone (it’s been #1 paid app in US store for over a few months, I lost count!), and its Lite Beta version was recently released on Android, so I felt like I had to review it.

Android version works quite smooth for the beta, but it is a limited demo version, so I will be reviewing full version for the iPhone, no big deal since when Android version will be released it will fully resemble it. It is also worth noting that iOS version of the game still features 480×320 resolution, on Android devices it runs native resolution of up to 800×480 (Nexus One, Dell Streak, HTC Desire and so on).

First off, the game is very addictive. It features simple 2D graphics, nice sounds, and interesting puzzles to solve. The main story is that filthy pigs stole bird’s eggs and thus made them angry, so birds are eager to destroy them. You operate the slingshot that is used to launch birds at pigs and their forts made with pieces of different material, from glass to iron. You have to destroy all the pigs, and also, to make the game more interesting and make you go back and do levels again – you get star rating for each level, from 1 to 3 stars. The more structural material you destroy the bigger the star rating is. The key to succeeding in game is to perfect your flinging angle.

Thru the game you will get familiar with different types of birds. Most simple of them is typical red birds, that has nothing but its light weight and momentum to destroy enemies. Later in the game you will be introduced to other birds that multiply, accelerate on request, drop bombs (eggs), boomerang and heavyweight bird. It’s very easy to use them too, most of the time you just have to tap on the screen to activate ability of your bird.

I like puzzle games filled with action and variety like that, and fairly cool sound tracks and special effect sounds are pretty cool addition. For example pigs make fun of you when you make a lousy shot. What I also liked is the ability to zoom-out and see the whole level, or to scroll to see pigs’ fort at any time before making a shot.

What I like:

  • Graphics, Sounds, and Navigation
  • Puzzle aspect of the game (it really gets hard sometimes, especially if you are after 3-star rating)
  • Game-play is very smooth, addictive and challenging
  • Price, although not confirmed, should be $0.99, which is a great deal for game like that!

What I dislike:

  • Still beta on Android Platform (at the time of composing this post anyway)

Cheese Tower Review Android Games

Cheese Tower by TerranDroid is one of the latest in the line of stacking/unstacking physics games. Being quite similar to Super Tumble it also requires you to break certain blocks while making sure the “important” ones land on the platform. The little kid in you definitely misses those Tom & Jerry days so the whole cat and mouse theme of this android game will soothe him.

As you have probably guessed the point of the game is to make sure none of the cheese blocks fall over the edge. Actually, you are allowed to drop or destroy two of them, the third one will trigger a replay of the level if dropped. The less cheese blocks you lose the more points you get, obviously. The grey blocks that look like mice trapped in the Phantom Zone resembling that Superman villain are to be tapped and popped.

There are four levels of difficulty ranging from Kids to Insane, the latter being some sort of mouse hell. Each level has its own theme and introduces new varieties of blocks such as ice blocks that freeze time, unmovable and indestructible blocks as well as rainbow blocks which play the role of roulette. This keeps the game interesting and challenging throughout. St. Patrick’s Day levels are the latest addition and more levels are Coming Soon.

The graphics are simple so there is no lag even on slower android phones and yet detailed, creative, colorful and all in all pleasant to the eye so the game can be enjoyed on all devices. The music reflects the nature of the game and the sounds work very well with the actions you perform. These can of course be disabled either from the main menu or the in-game menu, both of which are very well thought through and are therefore easy to navigate and provide all the information and options you might require.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy or if you are more of an evil cat person, who wants to “pop some punk ass mice” then go ahead and join the million people who have already downloaded this game. It’s fun and it’s free!

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