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Deadly Chambers Review Android Games

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Deadly Chambers Review Android Games

Deadly Chambers Games

Deadly Chambers [by Battery Powered Games, LLC] is a 3D OTS shooter for Android. Such a game is rare for android phones, so it makes us even happier when we see one. Will it become an android classic like DOOM did for PC? With good graphics, smooth gameplay, weapons, monsters and a great presentation, it sure looks like it.

As soon as you load the game, you instantly get that “proper” game feeling. The menu captures the theme of the game pretty well, with dark imagery and scary music. You can adjust sound, video or gameplay settings from the very comprehensive menu. If it is your first time playing, you have no choice, but to start a new game and leave Quick Play until you unlock at least one of five locked games.

After you choose 1 of 4 difficulty levels, you are shown a quick How to Play tutorial. The controls are pretty basic and not hard to figure out even if you skip the tutorial. Then you see a map displaying the 5 levels of the game. You start out with a 9mm pistol and a Tommy gun, but this is just a little part of the 15 weapons available throughout the game. The first time I played it I was impressed by the fact that I can move my character with a touch sensitive joystick like they have on iPhone games. It certainly progress, but as you will see when you actually try to shoot someone, that aiming and walking is kind of tricky. The creators tried to fix it by allowing players to switch from 3rd person to 1st person shooter view as well as the ability to change the camera angle for a better view.

The game hooks you by constantly throwing weird looking monsters at you, while you are in the process of unlocking new weapons, finding keys for doors and you will be surprised when you see how quickly you encounter the first “boss”. The music provides a good atmosphere, but the sound effects could have been better, too simple for my taste.If you an average guy like Dr. Chambers (the cleverly named character you are playing in this game) with a hunger for monster shooting adventure, with a great atmosphere, you should definitely fork out $2.49 for Deadly Chambers and enjoy yourself.

Overkill Review Android Games

Overkill [by Creative Mobile] a side-scrolling shooter full of mindless action. This is my kind of game, no thinking, just pure skill and an infinite amount of explosions and adrenaline. This game is just as enjoyable as watching a 90’s action movie.

You’re playing as a spaceship fighter pilot, shooting up the oncoming river of enemy ships and asteroids. Just like any good game of this genre, you can collect points or in this case minerals, repairs and upgrades. Such classics like rapid fire and double damage made their way into this game. The graphics are very basic and the gameplay is smooth. So there can be as much of animated explosions, flying rockets and fallen enemy debris as your screen can fit.

The ship can be controlled by tilting your phone or by using the touchscreen and buttons. There are also 3 buttons on the touchscreen that activate your shield, fire missiles and the heavy weapon. Your ship is also constantly firing the light on-board cannon in the front. There are a lot of different enemies and obstacles such as the electricity traps, you know the kind. The game has a kick ass soundtrack and all sound effects are just as good.

The levels have beautiful cosmic backgrounds, like something you would set as your desktop wallpaper. They change a bit, but given the type of the game, they’re pretty similar. Some levels are pretty challenging even in easy mode, unless you’re very good at using the accelerometer. Game speed is pretty high so you have to pay attention.

The menu looks and performs like it would on a normal PC or laptop. It even shows the message “Game saved” in a nice little frame when you exit to your phone’s main screen by pressing the back button. After playing this game you should have at least one word to say about it and will mostly likely be “Awesome!”. Check out the free version and if it get’s your adrenaline and testosterone pumping, like it did for me – you can get the full version with a lot more levels and weapons for a little over two and a half dollars.

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