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Financisto Android Apps and Games

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Financisto Android Apps and Games

Financisto Android Apps

Financisto is a hardcore financial manager for geekiest of the geeks, who like to count everything.

First of all I have to confess that I’ve honestly tried to use it for a couple of weeks (info on screenshots is made up, of course), but it was way too complicated so I’ve given it up. Not only the interface is like an airplane controls panel with dozens of options, tweaks, transactions, accounts and other crazy stuff; it is the main principle of counting every little penny and necessity of updating everything to the phone made me feel like orthodox jewish mole or something.

The only useful thing about this experience was that I could see how much I have on every credit card of mine, every bank account and approximate amount of cash available. But I’ve only got like 3 cards duplicating respective accounts, and I really do use only one of them often. So in my case it is pretty easy to control everything without fancy app, which only adds constant pain in the ass when you buy something. I guess if you’re fan of a national bank system and possess more than 5 credit or debit cards, Financisto might be useful to track them, but you must be ready to pay a relevant price with your time to keep it up to date.

Good thing is that when everything is set up, you can backup the database and sync it with Google docs to secure its consistency in case of any software or hardware problem.

FxCamera Apps

Default Android camera app surely provides basic functions to take good old plain shots, but for those who truly love photography there are never enough features. With FxCamera you can make all kinds of pictures adorable by hipsters.

  1. ToyCam — messes colors up so they look like being made by cheap crappy camera like LOMO.
  2. Polandroid — glorious function transforms pics into Polaroid ones with slightly distorted colors and classy white border. By default it set to make rectangular pictures, which is very stupid, so you should enable square option first.
  3. Fisheye — this is still in beta stage and gives rather pathetic results than anything really useful.
  4. SymmetriCam — splits screen in two halves so you can take a shot with left side and then it will be mirrored to the right.
  5. Warhol — intended to turn your picture into a fine example of pop art but unfortunately makes the creepy ugly baby of Andy and a broken Photoshop filter.
  6. Normal — and of course if you became tired of this equilibristics eventually, but used to FxCamera interface, you are always able to take a shot with no additions whatsoever.

This is fine app to keep on your Android for a long time, because seriously how can you be bored with Polaroid? Polaroid, man!

Go SMS Android Apps and Games

Convenient and beautiful must-have substitute for your default SMS application.

Reading and responding to incoming SMS usually takes several clicks and moves on any phone. From now on just forget it. Go SMS application will make your SMS-part of life easy and comfortable.

First trick up a sleeve is a pop-up window with the text of incoming message. Not only you can read it right away, but also create a quick answer, delete received message or just go to the rest of your texts. “Close” option also exists as X in right upper corner (thank you, Bill Gates). Other good things: widget, night mode, SMS/MMS backup, black list and many more.

With great power comes great responsibility, so this is where great look and full design customization get on the stage. Different themes, smiles, messages grouping and regrouping, you name it. Notifications can also be set according to your preferences, even color of LED can be chosen. Custom signature option and set of basic messages (e.g. ‘I’m late’, ‘Call me back’) are included as well.

And small final hint: don’t forget to turn off notifications of your default SMS-client after installing Go SMS.

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