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Must Eat Birds Review Android Games

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Must Eat Birds Review Android Games

Must Eat Bird game

Yet another game that OpenFeint promises to port to Android platform this month or so. The game is executed quite uniquely with its own monsters (nomsters, because they go nom nom nom on them birds) and a story. So you are playing on the side of monsters, who are having picnic, mind their own business, and oh my gosh birds fly from the sky and try to snatch the food they love. So what do you do? Get on that slingshot and help them eat birds.

Developer of this game is London based company MediaTonic, which is weird because some elements of the game are written in logogram and have translation next to it. The gameplay is quite simple, you sling nomsters to eat birds, and if a bird is eaten, nomster gets a boots. They ricochet off the walls and continue to eat every bird they can catch with their big mouth, until gravity takes over and they fall flat on the ground.

This game features nice shoot combo system that will make you want to master it, and get that score. The game is full of power-ups, obstacles, bombs, food and oh yea, birds. This is not the first game to present birds as vicious flying creatures, by the way. If you eat enough birds without loosing your delicious cake, it will start to grow. Once it reaches the top, you get in “rage” mode called Maximum Break, in it your nomsters will become more powerful and be able to ricochet off the floor.

NB! Remember that at the time of this review the game is not yet in Android Marketplace, so the price details I give are just guesses.

What I Like:

  • Crazy graphics and game execution
  • Great physics that make you think a little and not mindlessly tap
  • Intuitive controls
  • OpenFeint
  • Should be cheap, my estimate would be $0.99, possible free version.

What I dislike:

  • Not yet in the market

PapiJump Review Android Games

PapiJump is a free game for Android [by Sunflat] is yet another simple, addictive and free game for your phone (I don’t imagine you plating this on tablet). This game is pretty much the same as Doodle Jump for android, except that it is much more simplistic and free(!), so you can get is to test the water – see if you like this kind of game. In this game you control Mr. Papi by tilting your device (your device should have accelerometer, but I guess they all do have it those days).

The game has 3 levels of difficulty, or should I rather say “Modes”, because game-play is quite different in each one. Normal mode (left image) is as simple as it can be, you jump up your way on the platforms, you won’t lose until you fall, the higher you get the more you score – easy. Second mode is Fall mode – there are less platforms and they fall when you jump on them once – quite more challenging and interesting to play. There is also another kind of platforms, orange – it has spring effect, when you jump on it Mr. Papi is launched 5-times higher he normally would go.

Third mode is called Enemy, and to unblock it you should get either 25,000 points on normal, which is boring, or 20,000 points on Fall mode, which is challenging – and addictive. After strugling for some time, even losing at 19,500 points, I was able to beat this restriction and open third level of difficulty.

In this mode you will have enemy – some greenfaced ghost or whatever it is, and you get to blast fireballs in it – if you eat enough hamburgers, of course

What I like:

  • Free jumping action game
  • Addictiveness of “Fall” mode
  • Global high-scores last 1 week, so only active games are on leaderboards

What I dislike:

  • Boring graphics

More boring sounds effects (or should I say sound effect?)

aJailBreak - Android Games

aJailBreak [by Andoop] or Jail Break Rush (as it reads on the home screen of the game) is a very, very, very simple game, but fun nonetheless. You only need one finger and one brain cell to play it. I’m not trying to make fun of the game, because I really do like it. It’s not challenging at all, but it’s very entertaining. I like the animation and the drawing style, which resembles a flash game. The characters are funny looking and have great face expressions. Music and other sound effects are spot on and make the game much more fun to play.

The character you’ll be playing is a convict who claims to be innocent. He wants to escape from jail before they move him to a high-security prison, which should take place in two weeks. Luckily, he already has a plan, so it saves you the trouble of coming up with one. And yes, the plan is what you expect it to be – digging… well drilling.

After you learn how to play the game which should take you up to 2 seconds, you are allowed to see the details of the plan. You have 14 days or should I say tries to do it. Each task must be completed within 12 hours. Whether you’re drawing a colorful map with just one pencil, slapping the hammer (not a double entendre), or drilling the wall, always keep your eye on the guard and his shadow. Luckily he has a prostate problem so he has to use the bathroom every 5 seconds. Every once in a while you’ll get visited by your prison buddy. You can keep doing what you’re doing in front of him, because he’s not a snitch.

Definitely check this game out if you’re tired of the difficult things in life or if you just want to be very entertained for 15 minutes.

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