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Mytubo Android Apps and Games

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Mytubo Android Apps and Games

Mytubo Android Apps

Finally, I’ve found the best instagram clone for Android! Surprisingly, it’s Chinese.

The app’s called «Mytubo» and it is as great as it is simple to use. Let’s start with a photo interface. It is pretty similar to the instagram with square viewfinder and an effects slider in the bottom. You take a picture, choose the desirable effect and a place(s) where you wish to share it aside from mytubo.net e.g. Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc (other ones are popular exclusively in China).

Also you can browse through various feeds: yours, people you follow, top pics, new pics and popular tags. Almost every photo can be ‘Liked’, shared, commented or forwarded. It is a mini social network or sort of a hub between other networks.

Since China is obviously well-populated, if not overcrowded, this service is full of people, so you’ll never feel alone. I have been using it only for a couple of days and already got a few likes from total strangers.

Of course it is not perfect. I mean, the app itself is well-designed, stable and it is working amazingly fast even on a modified HTC Desire with app2sd-based firmware. But the website is pretty messy and lacks any modern convenient design features. Sometimes I think it looks just like HTML stripped from CSS.

Anyway, this is the most awesome and advanced Android app to take square pictures with shifted colors and share them with vast community. I even don’t want to immediately switch to iPhone4 now.

NetQin Mobile Manager Android Apps and Games

NetQin Mobile Manager allows you to add some nice functionality to your Android phone.

This app is designed to keep users in control of their phone, with a private space within the phone, and also to protect the users from distraction on the road. The application features a call manager including a black list, a cross-platform backup plan for contacts in case they are lost or need to be transferred to a new device, a hidden area in the phone for privacy, and a safe driving option.

The call manager features a black list by default in the program. By adding unwanted callers into the black list, unwanted harassing calls will be automatically rejected by the system. Along with the black list is an option to completely reject calls from unknown numbers. Upon changing settings, the user can choose to reject calls from the black list and/or unknown number, or to not reject any calls.

Backup and restore contacts to an SD card or to dedicated server. This allows users to retrieve their complete contact list to the same or a different device, making sure the loss of a device does not equate to the lost of precious contacts. This feature also eases the process of upgrading to a new phone, as it is available cross-platform to Android and Symbian devices.

Private Space allows users to have a hidden area in the phone to keep private contacts, private call logs and messages from the aforementioned contacts. This area of the phone can be secure with a «hidden doorway» to get in. This ultimately makes this a real «Private Space» in phone that can’t be accessed unless you know how to, keeping ultimate privacy for the end users.

Safe Driving feature designed to keep the user from being distracted from the road while driving. A speed sensor in the device detects when it reaches a preset speed, and upon reaching this, Safe Driving mode will be automatically activated. Safe Driving will automatically reject calls by sending out an automatic response text message or completely ignoring it, as preset by the user. This option requires working GPS, so you should have dock station or special car converter to plug in the device for saving the battery from intense usage.

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