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Skype Android Apps and Games

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Skype Android Apps and Games

Skype Android Apps

The official Skype Android application turns out to be quite raw and yet uncomfortable to use.

We are all used to great Skype functionality on our desk- and laptops, and it was really natural to expect the same from its mobile implementation. Unfortunately, Skype for Android is not so good as the original one and has many bugs, flaws and design failures. I can’t say it’s a complete disaster, but for now you’ll probably should withdraw from using it.

Due to many phones’ short internal memory it is quite essential for any large app to be able to move itself onto flash card, but Skype (with 14 Mb size) completely lacks this ability. Another disturbing thing is its unwilling to let you quit: if you want to close the app, you have to open 3rd tab, press Menu button and tap on Sign Out menu selection — and all this is nontransparent i.e. without any given help or guidance.

When things come to calling and internal chat, everything works fine (but not perfect, with common poor connection even via the strongest and fastest wi-fi), except for HUGE battery usage. And just to keep Skype alive you must have your internet connection on, so don’t expect much energy savings with the idle app.

An explicable sad result is that you’re still can’t replace your daily regular calls with mobile Skype ones due to low overall quality of the app. Future is not yet here.

Path Android Apps and Games

Path is the personal network where you connect with family and close friends with both iPhones and Android smartphones.

Path limited to 150 connections to be a safe and trusted place to share the moments that matter with the people who matter most. Users can capture high quality photos, check in to places with friends, share thoughts, and interact with other people — all through a fast and seamless interface. You can share content on public networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.

Path app Features:

• 5 emotions to interact with your friends’ activity: Smile, Laugh, Gasp, Frown at or Love their moments.

• Capture and share photos with custom-designed lenses and editing features.

• Square and landscape photos, and Glo and Crop tools — use Glo to enhance details in dark or bright photos (similar to Instagram).

• Check in to locations with friends (similar to Foursquare).

• Share the music you’re listening to, movies you’re watching, and books you’re reading.

• Nudge friends for photos and check-ins.

• Tell your friends when you’re awake and asleep.

• ‘Seen-its’ show you who has viewed your moments and who has visited your Path.

• Private by default — no one can see your Path activity unless you accept them as a friend.

• One tap cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare directly from Path.

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