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Speed Forge Extreme Review Android Games

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Speed Forge Extreme Review Android Games

Speed forge extreme game review

Speed Forge Extreme is a 3D space racing action game [by Chillingo]. The action is happening in 2142, humans have started to colonize planet Mars, and settlements have been developed to house people who are mining valuable raw materials of the Red Planet. You are racing in hovering spacecrafts(why?), that look a lot like pods from Star Wars episode I. You start your game by choosing hovercraft and track you would like to race on.

Prepare for some action! You can control your your pod by tilting your device or by tapping corresponding buttons on the screen, you also have option to enable or disable auto-acceleration.

You are racing to be first of 3 laps. But it’s not that easy. This is action game, along the track you will face interruptions, speed boosts – and you enemies will shoot at you, so you are advised to do the same. My advice to you is to use control option that will accelerate automatically, since you will have enough to worry about on the track, such as blasting rival hovercrafts.

There are different weapons to shoot your targets, and handy aim system that will advise you to shoot by fixing red target on your enemy. As you win tracks you will be exposed to more hovercrafts to choose from, they all have unique settings – mass, speed, agility, engine, munition – and this may affect your racing. You may get used to one certain pod and will all the track with it if you are good enough with your guns.

Game graphics are very well designed and give you real futuristic and out of space feel. Sounds are okay, and flexible controls are what gives you better comfort, you can play with accelerometer support while your are seated still and with on-screen control if you are passenger of a vehicle on a bumpy road. Sensitivity of accelerometer is configurable too.

What I like:

  • Futuristic feel of the game
  • Good graphics and 3D engine
  • Action aspect of the game – power ups, weapons, shoot enemies, getting shot
  • Flexible controls

What I dislike:

  • Quite pricey racing game at £2.25

Get Off My Paper! Review

Get Off My Paper! [by App In The Box] is a fun android action game with a hint of puzzle, making it a crossover of Labyrinth and one of the bug smashing games out there. This great time killer will make you drunk with power over little bugs, tilting your phone like crazy and quoting The Green Goblin’s “I can squash you like a bug” line within the first few minutes.

Once again, the title of the game explains the main purpose really well. The metal ball is used to kill those pesky insects that can’t seem to leave your paper alone. If you are a fan of games that involve a lot of phone tilting, this one can become your new favorite pass time. The holes in the paper do not really do anything besides slowing down the ball, but you should try to avoid them anyway since they might prevent you from collecting enough points to advance to the next level.

The trial version includes five levels from four sets and is recommended by the developers to be downloaded first in order to ensure your device can handle it. Afterwards, when the first for more levels become unbearable you can get yourself the full version with 36 levels in four sets, which will only set you back one dollar.

GOMP has the always-popular hand drawn, paper style graphics with colorfully drawn bugs and smooth animation. All bugs ranging from mosquitoes and flies to roaches and ants die with a satisfying squishing sound, leaving only a disgusting stain of beetle juice behind them. Different bugs are worth different amount of points, the sum of which will decide the amount of stars you are awarded. There is no real menu in this game because there is no need for one and the “how-to” is accessible from the home screen. So whether you think this might be a fun waste of time for yourself or a good way to keep your kid busy, head over to Google Play and become one of the first few hundred people to try it out.

MiniSquadron Review Android Games

MiniSquadron is an action flying game developed by supermono limited and brought to your Android device by OpenFeint. Yes, another one. The flying part of the game is executed in 2D. Controls are pretty common: left thumb controls directions and right thumb shoots. You control your planes direction in most intuitive manner possible, by pointing out an angle of it’s flight. Don’t fly too high tho – you may stall.

In single-player mode you have to defeat 12 waves of incoming rival planes on 8 levels. But there are more targets than that, there are occasional enemies on the ground. It may sound boring but with different types of weapon it’s actually fun, you just fly around and shoot everything that moves.

Awesome, vivid game graphics, variety of enemies, weapons, all that supported by classical music (quote from description by developer: “Rock out to the genius of Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and other dead composers”) give a great playtime experience. The game amazed me with its addictiveness and re-playability. By completing levels you unlock new planes that are different in their speed, durability, reload time and control (turning angle). Every 3 waves of the level you are passing checkpoint and can change your plane to different one, which is quite nice.

You can also zoom-out to see enemies approaching even sooner – which is quite cool considering the game supports local multi-player (Wi-Fi). OpenFeint, as always, brings online scoreboards and challenging your friends. Overall the game is the best in its genre, and will provide you with vivid and never boring game-play. Price $1.99

What I like:

  • Vivid graphics
  • Addictive game-play
  • Very good background music and overall sound effects
  • OpenFeint integration
  • Lite version available – try before you buy

What I dislike:

  • Nothing, I think

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