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Super KO Boxing 2 Android Games

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Super KO Boxing 2 Android Games

Super ko boxing 2 game

Super K.O. Boxing 2 [by Glu Mobile] is a sequel to their famous boxing game developed for dumbphones of 2006. This game is gloves-down the best boxing game available in Android Market. It is very well executed, smooth and cartoon-style graphics are very suitable for the game of this type. Controls are executed in already classic virtual pad style, with left side controls are used to block punches and dodging and right side has low and high punch, as well as super punch, that can be performed, if you have enough power, by holding and releasing the button; do this at the right time and you will send you opponent in knock out quickly.

The game actually surprised me with its ease of control and learning curve. I never thought I would like boxing game on my phone, but this one proved me wrong.

There are several game modes in this android application:

  1. Circuits – You fight your opponents one by one, going thru different stages, each boxer you meet on ring gets harder and harder to KO.
  2. Versus – simple versus mode. As you defeat more opponents in Circuit mode you get more boxers to choose from in VS mode, to kick their asses real fast.
  3. Challenge – similar to circuits, but here you have to defeat your enemy in compliance with rules given before round 1. For example – KO without using super punch.

First 3 opponents seem to be fairly easy – wait until you will be on the right with 15 pence, his middle name is probably dodger, you won’t be able to hit him unless you perform uppercuts, and he also has a trick up his sleeve – he can buzz you out!

What I like:

  • Great game performance and graphics
  • Free Ad-supported version of full game available
  • Your opponents have personalities and own style
  • Great controls
  • Knock Outs!

What I dislike:

  • Gets old after some time

Squibble Review Android Games

The Squibble Android game created by MassHabit Games can be played on the Android phone and it combines both strategy and action gameplay. In this game Squibble was siezed by a scientist and you must lead him through each level so he can find freedom back in the ocean. You will play as the octopus, Squibble, and have the skill of latching onto surfaces using his 2 primary tentacle appendages.

In order to snag onto a surface, just push on the part that you wish for Squibble to snag. When you need him to release, just push on the section that he’s holding and he’ll release it. You can go up and go down and toss Squibble throughout every stage. If you toss him, watch out where he comes down, since a lot of various obstructions must be avoided. You’ve got a 3 heart meter for Squibbles’ lives, and the various obstructions will use it up really fast if you encounter them. At every stage, you get water droplets, although no specific reason is given as to why you have to gather them. In order to finish every stage, you have to locate the exit. The Lite edition of this is a preview of the actual game, which isn’t available currently, but coming soon to Android Market.

What I Like:

  • Great fast paced platform game
  • Pleasant graphics
  • Quite intuitive and convenient controls

What I dislike:

  • Only Squibble Lite available yet, but I can imagine the full game will be great!

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