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Tiki Towers Android Games

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Tiki Towers Android Games

Tiki tower game

Tiki Towers [by RealNeworks] is a famous puzzle game first developed for Wii. It is a well-executed casual puzzle game. Your aim is to save the monkeys, but it’s no easy task. In order to do that you first have to construct bamboo structure to help monkeys get thru level – and collect all 5 bananas on their way for highest rating.

There are many game stages, which you unlock by gaining maximum score on 4 or more levels of previous stage.

You have to construct escape bamboo structures for your monkeys by taping the screen. But the catch is that you have limited amounts of bamboo to do that. But since you can remove unneeded structure pieces and use them again – you can get creative with it on harder levels.

But be aware that once your structure is ready and you tap action button, laws of physics will activate and your tower may fall or destruct under pressure from wild monkeys if no constructed properly. Then your monkeys may fall and become, you know, dead monkeys.

Each stage has unique background and some have obstacles, such as pits or lava, which are no good for monkey as you may easily guess.

To get biggest score you have to let your monkeys collect all bananas, but it is not always as easy as it sounds. To make it easier I can tip you off – bananas will stick to bamboo if they are touching it before action begins.

As game progresses structures become more complex, and you are required not to just build bridges and arcs but also swings and other creative structures that are yet to get name.

So go ahead, get creative with your bamboo structure, push action button and scream “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” as monkeys are jumping out of box.

What I like:

  • Very well designed graphics and sounds
  • Addictiveness of this puzzle game
  • Implementation of game physics
  • Many levels to get creative with your bamboo material
  • You can play this game and it won’t get old, at least not for me

What I dislike:

  • It’s paid, $2, but totally worth it

Unblock Me Android Games

Unblock Me is yet another game that was ported from App Store and now is also available in Android Market. This is a simple puzzle game for android that doesn’t require much learning, you understand how to play the game the minute you see the first level. You simply have to navigate Red block out of the stage through the escape on the right side. And in order to do that you should first make series of moves to clear the way.

You must complete levels with as little moves as possible, if you manage that, you will get 3-star rating. This makes game even more challenging and will make not only your logic but also memory going as you will try to complete level second time around with less moves. Star rating reminds me of king of puzzle gaming on portable devices – check out angry birds review.

I found this game to be pretty challenging, this is the kind of game you just start if you have few minutes to spare and want to think rather than mindlessly tap on the screen. There are 400 levels in free version of the game, and 800 in paid. 400 levels is very generous offer for a free game. And since it is hard to memorize escape moves (some initial levels require as many as 40 moves to solve the puzzle), levels are pretty much re-playable after some time. Overall the game is worth keeping on your device, especially if you are into puzzle games.

What I like:

  • Simple yet very challenging game
  • Free version includes 400 levels
  • Levels are re-playable

What I dislike:

  • Game graphics get boring

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